Four Easy Ways to Cheat to Lose Weight

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It seems like losing weight is such hard work!  Counting calories, changing eating habits, walking or jogging for endless miles, working out in the gym, doing cardio, lifting weights, the list goes on and on.
  It takes a lot of physical and mental work to stay in the right frame of mind and take the right actions.
It's time for some weight loss tips that are easy and simple to implement!  In this article you will learn easy ways to make small changes that add up to a big difference in the way you look and feel.
  Just pick the ideas that you like the best and do it! * Cheat! Yep.
  The first tip is to go off your diet and cheat!  One of the main reasons people fail at their diets is because they deprive themselves of the tastes that they love.
  Then, when they've taken it for as long as they can, they go crazy and binge on the "bad" foods - and they blow their diets.
  Then they just give up and quit trying altogether.
So I say cheat on your diet!  Indulge in the tastes that you love - just do it with great moderation and only have successfully attaining a weight loss goal such as losing 3 pounds.
  Use some of the other tricks in this article to help you "cheat correctly" on your diet.
*Low-calorie foods that taste like high calorie food One tablespoon of whipped cream has under 10 calories!  It tastes yummy and feels like you're cheating on your diet, but its really not so bad!  Get a small bowl of fruit and put a couple of tablespoons of whipped cream on top and its like you're cheating on your diet - but you're not! Jello (or gelatin) is also a low calorie food that tastes sweet and fills you up fast.
  Eat a small bowl of jello and trick your stomach into thinking that its been indulging in high calorie sweets.
  Add some fruit and whipped cream to your jello and you're still dieting - believe it or not!  However, take it easy and keep the portion size small.
*Cheat Combination: nutrient dense food + "cheat" food The best way to cheat is to combine your "cheat" food with a healthy food.
  For example ice cream is not good on a diet because it is a high calorie, high fat food.
  But if you love ice cream like I do, you won't stop eating it.
  So eat it the smart way.
  Prepare a small bowl of fruit and add a small scoop of ice cream to it (instead of a large bowl of ice cream with NO fruit!).
Another combo to try is chips and salsa.
  The chips are the "bad" food, so you need to reduce the amount of chips you eat.
  The salsa is the good food - especially if its freshly prepared and has no added sugars or extra sodium.
  Go heavy on the salsa and light on the chips.
Another great combo is cheese and salads.
  Cheese is the "bad" food, so reduce the cheese intake while increasing the salad vegetables intake.
  Don't forget to avoid the high-fat salad dressings! *Eat More! Yep.
  Eat more to lose weight.
  How?  Eat more often - not more food!  Instead of stuffing yourself full at each meal (breakfast, lunch, dinner), you need to eat more meals, but eat "lite" meals.
  If you used to eat 3 "big" meals a day, now you need to eat 4 - 6 smaller, lite meals.
Research backs this theory up.
  It all boils down to how your body deals with blood sugar and insulin.
  Eating many smaller meals is better for keeping your blood sugar balanced.
  So eat more meals each day!
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