Stomach Band - Say Goodbye to Obesity

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The world is changing at a fast pace and to keep up with this pace, we tend to adopt several unhealthy lifestyle habits and this can have many adverse consequences on our health.
Being overweight is one problem that is related largely to the unhealthy lifestyle that we lead and our unhealthy eating habits and lack of exercise aggravates the situation.
Sometimes, obesity and being overweight can also be hereditary, but what is a regular feature with people who are overweight, is that they tend to suffer from several types of medical condition, which can sometimes even turn life threatening.
There are several ways through which one can lose weight; in fact if you switch on the television or open a newspaper you will literally be bombarded with all the ads that claim to reduce weight magically.
Some of the claims at times come out to be true, but most of the times you will end up feeling frustrated as you will not lose any weight, rather you will end up losing lots of money in the process.
If you are serious about losing weight, you must go for a stomach band surgery.
Stomach band is a surgical process of losing weight and this is turning out to be hugely popular among the people as this is a very successful method of losing weight.
For a stomach band surgery a person must be above the age of eighteen years and below the age of sixty two years.
Also, a person can undergo the gastric band surgery only if all the other methods of reducing weight have failed.
The person must be overweight for more than 5 years to be eligible to undergo a stomach band surgery.
The idea behind the gastric band is to reduce the size of the stomach so that the food intake is reduced, which in turn will help a person in reducing weight.
In gastric band surgery a band is placed around the top portion of the stomach so that the stomach gets divided into two parts.
Generally an adjustable stomach band is used for this weight loss surgery and that can be either tightened or loosened depending on the need.
These adjustments can be made by pumping saline in or out of the inner rubber present within the ring through a reservoir and access port that is inserted just under the skin of the patient during the surgery itself.
When the size of the stomach is reduced by using the band, the food gets deposited in that small portion only and the person gets the feeling of being filled up after eating a very small portion of food.
The signal which is transmitted to the brain is that the hunger has been satiated and thus the patient ends up eating a lesser portion of food.
One needs to take care of the diet that they have after the surgery, if they want this method of weight reduction to be successful.
The patient must strictly follow whatever the doctor has advised him or her to do.
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