How to Get a Toned Stomach - Is It Really Possible to Get a Flat Stomach in 2 Weeks?

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Well, the simple answer is yes and no.
Let me explain...
The following is my controversial, honest opinion.
If you're easily offended please don't read on.
If you're currently overweight throughout your body then it's going to be tougher for you to get a flat stomach in 2 weeks.
You'll need to start to modify your diet and start some light exercise to lose some of the excess body fat.
However, if you were more like me and looking to lose just a little weight from your tummy to get it more toned then you might just be in luck! Two weeks is a relatively short period of time to work on getting a flatter stomach, so you going to need to be highly focused and disciplined for it to work.
The following plan is going to be stricter than I would normally suggest you be, but that's because you've set yourself the goal of to get a flat stomach in 2 weeks.
So, here goes:
  1. Change your diet to avoid any of the following for the whole 2 weeks: Store-bought salad dressings (make your own and/or use olive oil sparingly), vegetable oil (use palm or coconut oil instead), milk chocolate and other dairy-based sweet foods.
    Plus stop kidding yourself that diet soda is OK because it isn't.
    Cook home cooked meals, using tasty natural ingredients and avoiding any of the ready-meals you find in the chiller cabinet.
    Use a little chilli in your diet as it helps to increase your metabolism, plus garlic which has tons of great health benefits.
    Also, don't over-consume processed carbs like potato chips, bread, muffins and other dense carbs.
  2. Start to work on some exercises that will burn the fat from your stomach.
    I've previously written an article about the types to focus on here, but the best one I know is to do front squats where you hold a barbell weight across your chest, then squat down and stand back up again.
    Get a trainer to teach you the best technique for this.
    Combine this with an exercise to work on your obliques (the muscles at the side of your body that support your entire body's movement, including rotation and leaning one way or another - they're known as 'Nature's Corset').
    Get your obliques strong with a side plank and you will create a brilliant basis for your main and deep stomach muscles to tighten and be supported.
  3. Do exercises twice per day, starting light and getting more and more intense as the weeks go on.
    You may find that you're achy in the first couple of days but this is because your body is not used to working these muscles.
    Make sure you seek advice from a fitness professional to get the techniques right.
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