Problems Caused by Losing Weight

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Before you set out to begin eating healthy and losing weight, you should carefully consider the potential problems associated with losing weight and decide for yourself the best and most effective way to handle each problem if and when it presents itself.

The biggest problem you will face, though not necessarily the first, is you will need a new wardrobe. As you eat healthy and drop the pounds and the sizes, your clothes will begin to swallow you, hanging over your shoulders and sagging below your waistline. Your waist will drastically decrease and you will find it impossible to leave the house without a belt. Your shoulders will be hidden beneath swaths of extra fabric hanging by your sides. You may even notice a difference in your socks and shoes as your feet shrink while losing weight.

Another problem you will encounter is increased energy running throughout your body. You may not be able to sit still on the couch as much, so you might potentially miss several of your favorite TV programs. If your healthy eating and weight loss continues, you may find that you have a burning desire to be outdoors, breathing in fresh air and engaging in some sort of physical activity. This could lead to even more weight loss.

As weight loss progresses, you will start looking better and receiving more attention from the opposite sex. If you are in a committed relationship, this could potentially cause friction between you and your significant other. You will have to learn how to balance the attention from others and still give your partner the attention and confidence he/she deserves.

Along with attention from the opposite sex, you will also most definitely experience better sex. The increased energy and endurance that comes with losing weight will carry into the bedroom, and soon you will find that sex lasts much longer, is more physical and more enjoyable. Because of the newfound attraction from the opposite sex, you will also be having more sex.
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