Lifestyle Changes For Healthy Weight Loss

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Many people get great short-term results with crash diets and weight loss pills, but this does not mean it's healthy! Weight loss must be a gradual process and done with healthy lifestyle changes.
The faster you lose weight, the quicker it will come back on once you stop using your magic diet pills or crash detox diets.
They are not sustainable and not a long-term solution for healthy weight loss.
When you starve your body of food, your metabolism slows down.
When your metabolism slows down, you store more fat.
The reason this happens is malnutrition.
Your body does not know when its next meal might be, so it starts to store more and more energy in the form of fat.
It needs this stored energy to survive the next 12 hours before the next meal.
When you eat small regular meals you body gets used to this.
There is no need to store fat as you have a constant supply of nutrients entering the body, and hence your metabolism speeds up.
This is the key to healthy successful weight loss...
eating smaller, more regular meals throughout the day.
Diet pills have given many people excellent short term results with weight loss, as they help your body burn more energy quicker.
But what happens when you stop taking the pills? Your still eating the same foods, but now not burning as much energy because you have stopped taking the pills.
The weight come back on twice as fast as you lost it! In order to lose weight and keep it off the changes must be slow.
Progressively get into the habit of eating healthier foods, make the change gradual and you will stick to it.
Add an exercise programs into you daily routine, starting with 2 or 3 days a week, then as you get fitter and have more energy, increase this to daily.
When you see the results and start losing weight, you will be motivated to exercise every day! Exercise is a key part in any weight loss program.
The bottom line is you will lose weight if you use up more energy than you eat in the form of calories.
Not only will you lose weight faster, but you will get all the other benefits of exercise like; having more energy during the day, getting better sleep every night, having a healthier, fitter heart, decreasing the chances of suffering form diabetes, and generally feeling healthier and more energized during the day.
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