My Unique Weight Loss Program

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Many of us are dreaming to lose those extra pounds and look thin and athletic.
Weight loss was and is the most speculated subject.
But is it that simple to lose weight? We should understand that people's metabolism is different from each other, so we are reacting to the foods we are having or to the diets we are following differently.
Some of us are gaining weight faster than others, or we could say that losing weight also depends on how fast we are burning fat.
The most important thing is not to lose faith and try to find out what kind of diet or program will work for us, what will be mostly our unique way to follow a particular regime The most important thing we should follow is to control our eating.
Not how much we eat, but what we eat! The Best Weight Loss Regime first is to well organize our meals; Breakfast is a must, eat your lunch and your supper earlier, BUT nothing between them except fruits and juices, and the best news are that you can eat your favorite fruits as much as you want.
The second important thing we have to follow is to avoid the bad foods, we all know that sugar is our enemy, but if you are like me, I cannot drink my coffee without sugar so I just reduced it, instead of taking it out of my favorite drink, of course if you can drink your tea without sugar, it is much more better.
And with time you will get used to the taste.
Also we have to avoid fabricated products, they are not good for our weight loss regime! Eat just natural foods and you will be alright.
I am mentioning this subject because recently I read that the fabricated foods like margarine are causing us to gain weight not to lose it, and they are not healthy as well! It is understandable, for the past may be 10 ears I have been consuming just natural foods, sometimes I was eating more than usual, but never gained weight.
So this formula worked for me, respectfully it is TRUE.
We have to know the foods that help our body to accelerate the fat burning process and what kind of foods to avoid and the kind of food we can mix in our meals so as to help us with our weight loss regime.
Knowing what food is really helpful and which one is not, is a major plus in following one good and not harmful for our health diets.
The key is not to deprive ourselves, but to eat natural foods cooked in the right way.
For me the middle solutions are the best.
Means not to deprive yourself.
And not to spoil yourself as well, because depriving yourself from your favorite drinks and food will just lead to unstoppable desire to have it.
And to avoid this, we just have to train ourselves to be moderate in what we are having as drinks and foods.
Exaggerations are always harmful in every aspect in our lives.
The bottom line is that to lose weight we MUST create a caloric deficit, Eat less calories than we burn off.
Now, you have to be careful; losing weight too fast will cause your skin to look unhealthy, so you have to take care of your skin too while you are following your diet and doing your sports for losing weight.
So here we go again, Be Moderate in everything you are doing.
Now, Quick weight loss diets can cause stripes and cellulite to your skin.
You can remove the cellulite, but the stripes will stay there on your skin forever.
I used to be fat, and I have tried many diets, but nothing helped me to lose my extra weight, I felt discouraged and started thinking that I will just remain fat.
I used to think about myself like that because I really did not like what I was seeing in the mirror.
I have tried many diets that made me feel even hungrier, that's why I guess they never worked for me.
So I took the decision to try something different, besides my weight loss diet (It was not actually a diet, but my organized eating program).
And guess what? It worked!!! Just diets are not the solution, as we all know the depression and the low spirit conditions are factors that make us eat more trying to cool ourselves down, what makes us gain even more weight, despite losing it! In these cases what will be that efficient? Yes, I think you figured it out correctly.
Sports! BUT, I am kind of a lazy person, and I do not like to do sports much.
So what I have done was instead of going to the sport saloons, I started walking for at least two hours a day.
Yes I was working, and did not have the time to walk for sport, so I found the solution for this problem too.
I avoid using the transportation for destinations less than one hour walk, so I used to walk to work; I have started to avoid using elevators too.
And after 6 months I lost the weight I was trying to lose for many, many years.
Walking is good even when you feel depressed (remember, depression makes you eat) and to avoid this when you feel depressed, just go out for a walk, breathe deeply and walk for at least two hours and the best of all, enjoy your walk and think positive.
And when you come back home you will feel more relaxed and you will have done several things: 1.
Your daily physical sport.
Burn some calories.
Raised your spirit.
Avoid eating for cooling yourself down.
So, here is the conclusion to all this, in order to lose weight you have to organize your meals correctly by following the right diets and walk walk walk.
And you would ask me what the best weight loss program is.
Well, recently I came across one video article about this subject and I liked it as it is near to my understandings to one good and healthy diet program we can all follow.
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