You Won"t Lose Weight If You Commit These Mistakes! Avoid These At All Costs!

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Has your weight loss journey hit a dead end? Do you feel that you are unable to lose weight despite of your workouts and diet plans? The reason a lot of people hit a dead end after a certain time in their weight loss journey is because they commit certain mistakes.
They are often unaware of these mistakes and therefore these mistakes mount up and end up being disastrous to their goals...
Here are the devastating weight loss mistakes that a lot of people make...
Not cutting down on calories - A lot of people believe that exercise alone will help them lose weight.
Therefore, they eat the same quantity of food and workout like crazy.
If you follow that kind of plan, you won't lose any weight.
The reason is this: When you workout, calories are burnt.
But when you eat: calories are replenished.
So if you eat the same amount of food as you ate before, calories will keep getting replenished and therefore the effectiveness of your exercises will be less.
Therefore, it is essential to eat less than you used to.
Lack of consistency - Inconsistency is another reason for failure.
If you workout for a few days this week and stop the next few days, you are setting yourself up for a BIG failure.
There's no room for inconsistency.
You have to do the exercises and follow the diet plan on a daily basis if you are to get the results you seek.
Lack of consistency will only cause you to screw up in bigger ways.
So be consistent at what you do.
Assume self responsibility now.
Doing the same exercises - Another mistake a lot of people make is that they workout the same exercises on a daily basis.
Doing that will make your muscle stronger but it won't burn the fat you want.
The effectiveness of each exercise when it comes to fat burning varies on how used your body is to the exercise.
If you keep changing the exercises, your body won't be comfortable with any exercise.
And therefore, the exercise will be more effective.
Variation has to be followed especially if you want to work on your abs.
Keep changing the exercises you do on a weekly basis.
Lack of sleep - Lack of sleep is also another reason why a lot of people fail.
You need energy and strength to do the exercises and follow the diet plan.
And you cannot get the energy you need when you are stressed.
Apart from that, lack of sleep also causes your body to produce a certain hormone called cortisol which makes you feel hungry and slows down your body's fat burning process.
So make sure that you get eight hours sleep every night from now on.
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