The Childhood Obesity in America

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This anthology of statistics on childhood obesity in America uncovers that the case has reached epidemic proportion over the last few decades. And as a matter of fact, the number of obese children in the United States of America has tripled. Even though there is a significant difference in being obese and being overweight, being overweight is a sign that the child in the end will face the problem of obesity. The list of health problems together with obesity is absolutely drawn-out. In addition, obesity is one of the health problems which are easy to distinguish, but very difficult to attend.

The measure of person's weight in relation to height is called Body Mass Index. An individual is accreted to as obese when the result of his BMI goes beyond 30 in which the normal BMI is 18.5-24.9. This might be a quite difficult to understand due to the calculations involved in the process. Just simply put this way, a child is acknowledged to be obese when the result of his weight is more than 15 to 20 percent than the normal body weight. Obesity in children can be ascribed to unhealthy lifestyle as well as genetics. In United States, the most high-profile causes of childhood obesity include the unhealthy diet and the sedentary lifestyle. It is observe that a normal child in America gives more time in front of the computer and television than what he gives in some physical activities. Other than this, hankering for junk foods and couch potato lifestyle is also adding to obesity issues in children. As a matter of fact obesity in children and fast food are known to go hand in hand.

That was compressed information about the issues of childhood obesity in America. Obesity can result to a number of medical complexities in children as well as adults. Among the different health problems, and some of the most common issues include liver problems, diabetes etc. the facts and statistics of childhood obesity in America compiled by the World Health Organization's International Obesity Task Force uncover that the currency of obesity rates at 34 percent which overstep that of China which is as low as 2 percent. However, there are some countries that have health issues like obesity in adolescents and children are much sterner that is in America. And changing the current in the rate of obesity in childhood is not difficult as long as there is willingness among the parents to teach their children about the healthy lifestyle.
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