How Willpower Helps to Promote Weight Loss

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Willpower plays a major role when we are embarking on a weight loss programme.
If we do not enforce sufficient willpower we will find ourselves back to square one, following our old bad eating habits.
If we give way to temptation, we are likely to increase our calorie consumption, which of course results in weight increase.
We also need to use our willpower to maintain our exercise regime.
It can be so tempting to give up if we become bored or suffer aches and pains in the beginning.
Willpower is the mental strength that can help promote the formation of healthy new eating habits and lifestyle changes, as will as helping to overcome our old bad habits.
Perhaps we have a weakness with our willpower and require help in strengthening and developing it.
Initially we should begin with clarification of exactly what we would like to achieve daily, as well as what long-term goals we have.
Have we set ourselves an ambitious weight loss goal, or a more modest one? Have we set a time limit for our weight loss? Have we made plans for a regimented exercise programme? Have we made a determined effort to switch from an unhealthy to a healthy diet and lifestyle? If we can develop our willpower we will be encouraged to follow through with our intentions and remain on the right track.
When we are faced with temptations which conflict with our intended goals, then we have important and difficult decisions to make.
We may be mentally torn in all directions, we may be temped by a delicious burger or desert, but know that this is against everything that we are trying to achieve in our healthy eating plan.
Old habits are hovering and conflicting with our new regime, we do not want to fail but temptation is always close by.
This is where we need to use willpower.
If our willpower is strong enough, we will not have any difficulty abstaining from temptation.
Alternatively if we have weak willpower, we have a compelling desire to eat the foods which we really do not want to eat, or we can easily persuade to sacrifice exercise for leisure.
Willpower is the mental ability to stick rigidly with decisions which support our goals, as well as making them achievable.
The key to making our willpower work for us is by mentally choosing to change the way we eat and follow our exercise programme, not using the negative approach that we cannot eat certain foods or cannot do certain exercises.
We are choosing not to do these things, not forcing ourselves not to do them.
Willpower development requires a little practice, but the more we condition ourselves into making choices regarding the foods that we eat and our exercise regime, the easier it will be to resist the temptation to stray from our chosen route to a healthier lifestyle.
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